Design and Manufacturing

Yan Shin Precise Co., Ltd, a professional developer and manufacturer of EMI and SMD spring contacts, is specialized in OEM and ODM business. With over twenty years of experience, we have successfully provided products and services to worldwide leading customers. By incorporating with our core competences of professional design and manufacturing capability, we utterly fulfill customer needs according to their customized specification in terms of material requirement, unit dimension, and more.

  • Product design and development
  • 2D/3D AutoCAD rendering
  • Mechanical design
  • Product customization


ODM customer provides a sample, or a specification, or a diagram, or a conceptual architecture, we design and manufacture accordingly. In today’s rapidly changing environment, our products are not only applied in communication devices, but also in vehicle, medical equipment, and military devices.


OEM customer provides product design and relevant info, such as datasheet, specification, diagram, spec of parts, package requirement, and then we produce accordingly.

Modular Customization

Horizontally and Vertically alliancing with part suppliers have enhanced our competitiveness on material cost, logistic support, delivery and service. Leveraging this strength, we also diversified and remain exuberantly in below segments.

  • GPS module solution
  • LED module solution.


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